Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cherry Picking, Ducking, and Avoiding WODs...

This includes Cherry Picking Warmups...YIKES!

Here is my post for www.crossfit818.com site today.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”
Frederick Douglass

It's confession time!

How many of you have cherry picked a WOD? (Cherry picking is knowing what the WOD is before you attend a class, and deciding NOT to go because you are scared, worried, think you can't do it, etc...)

Here are a few reasons why you should NOT cherry pick WODs:

1- You will continue to NOT improve and your overall fitness and results will suffer: The great thing about CrossFit is it exposes your weaknesses. If you are weak you will get stronger (anything with the barbell), if you are uncoordinated you will get coordinated (i.e. Double Unders), if you get gassed with your cardio you will get better (running/rowing). Your lack of proficiency in one area is holding back your overall results. CrossFit is the perfect way to improve because not only are you practicing the movement, you are getting great coaching, and you are being tested and in an environment where you will only build the skills to improve.

2- Your friends will surpass you: Because they don't cherry pick WODs your friends and fellow CrossFitter's will get better than YOU! You may be stronger than them now, but as they continue to progress in all other areas of their fitness they will eventually crush you in future WODs and that is NOT fun.

3- Your a role model: "No I'm not, I just want to get a good workout"...B.S.! I have noticed that if you care enough to cherry pick WOD's your other CrossFit friends will notice too. Remember when you were in grade school on the playground at recess playing pick up basketball and there was always that one kid who would shoot every time he touched the ball, and would NEVER play any defense! Then, when your team was playing defense and the opposing team would shoot the ball, he would 'cherry pick' and run to the end of the court and ask for the pass just so he could shoot again...and you would be like "Hell No, that chump doesn't play any defense"! Well that's the same as cherry picking WODs:-) You don't want to be know as the guy/gal that avoids what they are weak/or feel inadequate at, you want to be know as the champion/the fighter/ the person who adds to the community and is a driving force to help lead, teach, encourage and inspire others.

Next time you are looking up what our Workout Of the Day is, and you before you think ahhh I can't do... stop, drop and sign in for that class ASAP!

Onward to ELITE Fitness!


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