Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do It!! Or Else...

I'm scared to know what Armen will do if I stop!!

Every time I do a NUTRITION CHECK IN with a client at our BOX one of the first questions I ask the athlete is:

What do you need help/advice with? People fall within 3 categories of help.    
-Education: I don't know what to eat? Recipes? Ideas? Alternatives? Planning?    

-Motivation: I'm just not motivated to eat better? I have no time? I hate cooking? I think I eat really well.   
-Accountability: I am a yo-yo diet'er. Regular food log check-in's. Can someone just YELL at me?!?! 

I find that half of the people fall into the education section where they simply do not understand how solid nutrition works or they fell victim to bad information by the less principled members of the weight loss industry. There is so much misinformation out there it can be easy to get overwhelmed, follow nothing and eat whatever is convenient and tastes good.

Then there is the other half that does get it and just won't do it or don't do it. They fall into the motivation and accountability sections.

Maybe they have a problem with their GOALS?
Or maybe they have great goals but their reasons WHY they want those goals are wishy washy?

If you are one of these types of people, John Bear's "Blackmail Diet" may have a great idea on how to motivate yourself. 

John Bear's book, "The Blackmail Diet," tells the story of his unusual approach to making himself lose weight. According to his autobiographical account, he set up an escrow account with his lawyer totaling $5,000. Bear then wrote up and signed documents ordering his lawyer to donate that money to the American Nazi Party if he failed to lose 70 pounds over the course of one year. The book tells the story of his efforts to keep that money out of the hands of a world-famous hate group.

Read more about this story HERE

Obviously this is on the extreme setup (one of which I don't suggest:-) But the takeaway of the idea can be very eye opening.

When I hear someone say, "I do pretty good with my diet", or, "I feel I eat well", is a bunch of BULL!

Why not take the idea from Bear and set up an unavoidable and unpleasant consequence so that you MUST stick to your plan to achieve your goals? This could include giving some amount of money given to the group or person of your choice, giving away a treasured possession, or even committing a socially embarrassing public act. So long as it's something you're willing to work to avoid, and you set it up so that you can't renege on the commitment, it fulfills the concept of the Blackmail Diet.

Or flip it around and instead of it be a negative consequence you could give yourself some kind of reward you have always wanted. The reward must be great enough to really commit yourself to and work for similar value of the negative consequence. 

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If you have a goal, a serious goal. How much would it take for you to lose or gain to take a no-holds bar approach to your goal?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Have to 'Get In-Shape' Before I Start CrossFit

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me this, my wife wouldn't be driving a Honda:-)

At first, I try to put myself in the other person's shoes to understand where they are coming from. And then I realize that this statement doesn't even make sense.

Can you 'get in' CrossFit shape by doing the treadmill, bench press, bicep curls, etc...???

Can you 'get in' basketball shape by swimming? 
Can 'get in' a size 4 jeans by eating McDonalds hamburger and fries everyday for lunch?:-O

Let's break this down logically and show you the truth so you will have some ammo the next time one of your friends or acquaintances tries to give you this B.S.

Look in the Mirror: If they are currently working out, apparently what they are doing now is not working, because if they are not in regular shape then how are they going to get in 'CrossFit Shape'? And if they are not working out then obviously the good ole' regular gym is not working either. And you know the old saying, "If you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result that is the definition of insanity. So it sounds like they are the insane one's.

All Levels: It doesn't matter what kind of shape you are in when you start CrossFit. Everyday, every movement, every workout is 100% scalable. And what we mean by scalable is you can adjust the weight, the movement, time, reps, anything according to your current level of FITness. Our goal is to have you complete each workout successfully (safety 1st and effective 2nd).

You will always try to get in 'CrossFit' shape:  COMPARED to what?!?! Truth is, you cannot get in shape for CrossFit at any gym on your own. In fact, even if you go to CrossFit for a very long time, you may not be 'in-shape' for CrossFit as it takes tremendous dedication, diet, skill and time. Yet, you will find success in CrossFit workouts as you can do things you have never done before in your life physically. Frankly some of the people at CrossFit are in freakin' unreal shape with strong muscles, massive lung capacity and big hearts…I do not know how you get that from a few sets of bench press with 4 minute rest in between, a set of 12 curls, some flashy mirrors to watch my form, and a cushy mat in the corner to work my abs.

What's your story: Look, the only way your friends are going to really come is if you walk the walk. That alone will weed out the winners from the people that are just all talk. So if you want your friends to come to CF and believe what you say, then you better be right on par with how great you are explaining CrossFit to your friends.

In the end, they really need a reason, not an excuse: CrossFit is the truth. It will test you physically, emotionally and mentally. There is no easy way to the top. And that applies to CrossFit. CrossFit provides the structure, progressive setup, commardie, challenge and fun that is missing with these kind of people's lives. Understand that it is hard for someone to look at you with all this success you have had and then they look in the mirror and see all the flaws they currently have. Level with them. Tell them how hard it was for you to get started and enlighten them how great it is to be in this place you are today. Talk about how motivated, excited, confident you are. What was your reason for starting CrossFit? Is it still the same? 


Monday, March 5, 2012

Mental WOD 28: Mistakes Happen...

Life is full of lessons. We create lessons by our daily efforts and the successes or setbacks that come from them.

A lot of us are so afraid to make mistakes that we never end up going for our goals. We are so worried about making mistakes that is stops us dead in our tracks.

The winners in life not only make mistakes but probably make more mistakes because they understand that mistakes will lead to knowledge and maturity. And in the end will result in moving forward in life rather than staying stagnant.

Here are 5 reasons why mistakes can be a good thing and how we should learn from them:

1. We become more self-confident.
As we become more self-confident, we're willing to admit things that we would not admit if we had lower self-image.

2. We realize that mistakes are not usually fatal.
It was a happy day for me when I realized that when I made a mistake, it was seldom fatal. After you make a mistake and say, "Oh, I lived! I'm okay. I'm going to see another sunrise." Then all of a sudden you say, "They're not as big of a deal as I thought."

3. We find that we make the same mistakes unless we learn from them.
Unless I learn from a mistake, I usually keep doing it over and over again. You see, the question is not, How many mistakes have you made? The question is, How many of the same mistakes have you made? If I always do what I've always done, I'll always get what I've always gotten.

4. We understand that mistakes are unavoidable.
Look back at your early years. Can you think of the times you tried to avoid mistakes? You know what I'm saying? "Well, I'll just be careful. I won't make any mistakes here." Well, after awhile you just plunge in because you know the mistakes are unavoidable.

5. We see others make mistakes.
Wasn't it wonderful when you saw all the people that you admired make mistakes? You thought, "Oh, good night! Look where they are, and they blew it!"

-5 reasons from John Maxwell.

Mistakes happen. It how you respond to them that makes you better. This week's MENTAL WOD is when you make a mistake this week, stop, and analyze how you can move forward from it. Then rinse and repeat.