Friday, December 28, 2012

Eliminate Excuses For GOOD...

"When we excuse, we lose." ~ CMO
As we approach the new year we are filled with excitement, confidence, anxiety to embark on our new year goals/resolutions. We feel like millions of others ready to do the same. This is a great thing! But what actually happens every year? 70% plus of people quit their goals within the first 3 weeks! This is no secret. 

Today my goal is to educate you on one of the BIGGEST reasons why those 70% end up throwing in the towel before January is even finished. 

Listen, we are in the position we are in (financially, health and relationship wise) because of the thoughts, decisions and actions we have taken. For us to achieve our goals, things that we have never achieved, we are going to need to think, decide and act completely different than we are used too. My point is, achieving your goals is NOT going to be easy. The BIGGER GOALS the harder its going to be. You will slip up. You must get out of your comfort zone. Making mistakes are going to happen... A LOT! But that shouldn't matter. That is what all achiever's goes through, every time. We just don't hear about the mistakes, we hear about the successes. But when it comes down to YOU and YOU achieving your goals the easiest and most common way we quit is because we make excuses for ourselves. It can start out slow and sneak up on us. Or it can stop us right away dead in our tracks. Regardless here is everything you need to know about excuses and how to minimize if not avoid them for good!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Super Size Your Goals...

Creating the Plan of Attack

This is my favorite time of the year. I love this time to reflect, refocus and create a plan for everything I WILL achieve for the next year. 

During this holiday season I have been reading, listening and paying way more attention to BIG achievers. I am surrounding myself with people better than me. The more I do the more I am realizing that I have been selling myself short. It is becoming more and more apparent that when you are focused and determined to achieve a goal you can become unstoppable. So be careful with the goals that you set, I bet if you set bigger goals you will achieve more. 

I believe the only thing that stops us (myself included) from achieving the things we really want out of life is fear. To achieve really BIG things with our life is tough! We are going to screw up. Things are not going to go smooth. There will be more than enough roadblocks. It shouldn't matter if we are serious, but it does. To achieve things we have never achieved we have to do things we have never done. Easier said then done. But the more I have been reading, listening and surrounding my attention with those bigger than myself I am coming to realize that people that have achieved more (much more), have started with much less. 

So it begs the question, "Why not me"? Or, "Why not YOU"?

To help you more, let me rely a story of a young boy starting out with a lot less than you have going for you right now.

You wouldn’t think this is the kind of upbringing, nurturing, training and development that would produce one of the most creative minds in history–winning 22 Oscars and 7 Emmy awards from 59 nominations (more than any individual in history) and being honored with the highest civilian award the United States government bestows—the Medal of Freedom.

I think these not only eliminate any excuses you might have, but it will inspire you to consider your own greater potential.

Let’s call this young boy Walter.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Secrets Behind Consistency

Halloween or Everyday Gym Attire??

We have all heard the importance of consistency. In fact, if you had to pick one trait that is common in everyone that becomes successful it is the habit of being consistent over time. 

People are not afraid to sign up, think about how many people start an exercise program and sign up to a gym. People buys books, go to seminars or even sign up for that next business opportunity. Everyone starts saving in a retirement account.

The problem is who sticks with it?

For most all of us starting is not the problem. Staying in is. Winners and the successful stay consistent. Everyone else does not. 

When we look at the definition of commitment it makes a lot of sense. 

Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you set it in has left you. ~ Darren Hardy

We all understand that. But how can we learn how to stay committed? Here are 4 guidelines to help you develop this important trait. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

2013 Resolutions Breakthrough

Every year millions of Americans make their annual 'New Year's Resolutions' (NYR) do they stick with them?


I read as high as 80% of individuals that make NYR quit within the first 3 weeks!


Everyone has an excuse for everything. The truth of the matter is it is tough to change your life. But that doesn't excuse you for not doing so. It is easy to tell you what to do for the better. But sometimes it is just as good to know what NOT to do as it is to know what to do. Here are the reasons we must understand to accomplish any goal for 2013.

Why is it that people don't become FIT?
In a country like ours, with the opportunities that we have, why is it that so few people reach their health and fitness goals? Why is America getting fatter every year? Why are more and more people signing up at gyms (i.e. globo's) but ending up quitting after a month or two? I think I can help shed some light. And my hope is that you can use this to help your family, friends, co-workers or acquaintances. Here are what I consider to be the five reasons why people don't become healthy.