Monday, January 31, 2011

What if CPMFITness Knock'd Up FitChicLA?

We did it once, why not talk about doing it again...

The last 2 years of box owning CFSF ( was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and the best part about it was I got to experience everything about it with my love and best friend, FitChic.

Now back home in LALA we are talking about doing it all over again, but this time we have lots of success and experience (not to mention waaaay better weather:-) on our side.

We are thinking names. And not just any old biz name, we are thinking of identities, people that are going to light this city on fire, people that are going to transform people from all walks of life, people that are going to lead, change and inspire anyone and everyone they come into contact with.

So we ask you, what kind of names can you think of that would describe that? And why?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Increase YOUR Result Potential...

Most every single person that walks into a CrossFit Box wants to look better naked. That is their main driving force in the beginning.

I will be honest with is a superficial goal...SHOCKER HUH!?

Not that it is a bad goal...hell I still want to look better naked!

But let's dive a little deeper. Because the general FITness population's end all be all goal is just that, look better and that’s IT! When you think like that you put a cap on your results.

With CrossFit, looking better is the easiest goal you will ever make. Anybody can get leaner, stronger, and increase their work capacity...ANYBODY! That is the easy part, its hard work, but very simple.

I love to see the way people change physically, but more so, I love to see when people starting thinking, talking and acting differently.

As they learn more about CrossFit you see the transformation with their perception of FITness in general.

And they start treating FITness as a sport vs. just physical benefits only.

-When you stop stressing about gaining/losing weight on the scale and you start focusing on; How many Pullups can you do?

-When you stop counting calories and start looking at how many colors are on your plate?

-When you (women) stop worrying about 'getting bulky' and start throwing more weight on the bar and realize the more weight you LIFT the better and better your pants will fit!

-When you stop doing 'extra cardio' before or after a WOD and start REALLY PUSHING yourself to the point you are in the fetal position weekly.

You see when you treat FITness as a sport and everything you do in your workouts as a skill, your 'result potential' is now UNLIMITED!!! You can and will continue to get better and better and better.

You can always improve your clean, you can always run a little bit faster, push yourself self harder, and know that you will continue to build more character and mental toughness every time you THROTLE a WOD...and that my friends is never ending.

Sure we will age, and age does catch up to you, but I believe overall in the next 10 yrs you will kick yourself in the *ss physically, mentally, and emotionally...alas TRUE RESULTS!

Tell us your initial goals/perception of FITness in general and CrossFit.

And how has it changed?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do YOU Drop the Bar???

CrossFit is HARD!

Today's main site WOD consisted of mine and most people's arch nemeses 'Heavier Thursters'.

In the first couple of minutes going into the WOD you feel strong, you feel confident, you feel good. And then it HITS you like a train!

It's hard too breath, the weights continues to get heavier and heavier, muscles start fatiguing, you start shaking...well at least that was my experience today.

As much as I wanted to drop the bar, the more fatigued I got, the more I wanted to stop and puke...I couldn't, I wouldn't, it was never an option! (Even tho I really wanted it to be)

CrossFit parallels our lives in so many ways. The way we build our FITness, confidence, the dedication to our health bleeds all over into our personal lives, careers, family and any goal we have.

One of the goals I have made for myself in the last couple of month is too not matter what never, ever, ever drop the bar!

So what do you do when it gets tough/HARD? Do you drop the bar???

Or do you pull it together, digg deep, and push even harder!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Model and GodFather of FITness

By now most all of us know about Jack LaLanne passing away on Sunday. I have been watching video's the last couple of days in awww of what he did and what he stood for. A man truly ahead of his time and paved the way for how FITness is today.

More About Jack

Another great article worth READING. (You may have to put in a fake email to get past the subscription page, but its worth it!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flip the Script...Be YOUR Own Coach

A great trick I would tell someone when they are feeling "burned out" or starting to lack motivation with their FITness and or Nutrition plan is to...

"Flip the Script"

Most of us know what it takes to be successful with our Health and FITness. The problem is...we are human.

And so much of our success with our Health and FITness rides on what is going on with our lives, family, friends, work, and the normal everyday stresses that life will present you with. Movitation is all about the mental and emotional.

-So when the workouts are becoming stale...
-And when the PR's aren't happening as they usually were...
-When it's starting to get harder and harder to get yourself to the gym/box...

"Flip the Script" and be your own coach.

Pretend you are telling your friend who has the same goals and motivations as you do what they should do to snap YOU out of it.


Because we always hold others more accountable then ourselves. Think about it. When was the last time you planned on going to the gym and you didn't? Or when were you supposed to eat that healthy home cooked meal and opted to not cook and drive yourself to the nearest burger king? Ahhh I can go to the gym tomorrow...or I will start my diet 'Monday'. And then think about when one of your friends asks you for advice about working out or eating right and you seem to always give them the advice of exactly what YOU need to do...hmmmm

It's easier to let ourselves off the hook and much easier to NOT let others off the hook.

Are you being a baby??? Or is something more serious happening?

Well "Flip the Script!"

Monday, January 24, 2011

What If YOU Could Of...

Lets say for fun. You could write a letter to yourself back when you were 17 years old.

Knowing what you know today, knowing what you have learned from your life experiences, and you had the opportunity to write yourself a letter, what would it say???

In this letter you could tell yourself all the things you could have done and should of done.

What would you say?

What life lessons have you learned that you wish you would have known back then?

What do you think would happen if you knew what you know today, back then, and how could you life be different today?

Write this letter to yourself in the comments.


Once I hear some of your letters I will tell you mine in the comments too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Want More Outta Life...Give Gratitude 1st!

Driving 30 hours half way across the country in the last 2 days gives a guy a lot of time to think about everything in his life.

They always say that in order to succeed and take things in your life to the next level one must be thankful for the things you have already been blessed with in your life.

The things that come to my mind is:

FAITH - Everything we do or receive comes from the power from the Lord. Life is a wonderful filled with up's and down's that make everything you do worth it. Having faith in GOD makes anything possible. And it is a wonderful relationship to have.

FAMILY and FRIENDS - At this point in my life I am moving back to my family and actually leaving another family (CFSF). It is a very bitter/sweet experience for me. Both families have afforded me the opportunity to love, learn, grow and achieve things I have always dreamed of. They will be many more opportunities in my life to come. And family and friends is the most important people to share those experiences with.

HEALTH - Obviously I'm going to talk about this:-)The transformations I have seen in hundreds of people over the years have intially began physically. Being healthy and FIT gives us the confidence and personal character to achieve things we probably wouldn't go for if we weren't. Health is a wonderful gift that everyone must cherish and pursue.

EDUCATION - Education and health go hand and hand. Education is the mental health. When you empower yourself and continue to become more and more mentally FIT. Nothing can stop you! I love to learn and enrich my life as much as possible.

Now it's your turn...Sound off...

What are you thankful for?

Now it is time to take your life to the next level by giving gratitude to where you are now.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winners Circle

One of my new motto's is:

-Loserz SUCKS!
-Winners RULE!

Every winner gets it done no matter what.

Denis Waitley lays out the 5 steps of what it takes on your path to being a winner.

Every four years we see those five brilliant, interlocking Olympic rings on flags and in television and billboard advertising globally. The Olympic Games are where the best in the world go for the gold and the few stand, listening to their national anthem, in the coveted winner’s circle. If the five Olympic rings were attitudes of champions in every profession, these five attitudes would be prominent in the mindset of the peak performer:

Paying the Price. Everyone wants to win, but few are willing to invest the time and effort. Paying the price means focusing on developing the skills and training regimen of champions—observation, imitation, repetition and the internalization of knowledge into habits; also, learning why and how to go the extra mile and seeing success as a marathon, not a dash. Champions view failures as temporary inconveniences and learning experiences.

The Olympian Within. Winners believe in their worth in advance of their performance. Most people base their worth on their current status or achievement level, which means that until they are judged successful by society’s standards, they have little to be proud of. Champions believe in their dreams when they have only a dream to hang on to, even in the face of criticism and superior achievements by others.

Non-situational Integrity. Authentic, lasting winners have an uncompromising attitude about self-honesty. They function according to an “integrity triangle,” consisting of three basic questions: (a) Are my beliefs based upon truth? (b) Do my words and actions correspond with truth and honesty? (c) Before I speak or act, do I honestly consider the impact of my decision on other people and the environment?

The “Coachability” Factor. Champions are always open to alternatives to improve their performance. Consistent winners are not the arrogant egotists who dominate the media spotlight. The most successful individuals in the game of life are often the most approachable, most gracious, least judgmental of others and most critical of their own performances, as well as most eager to learn and improve.

Being a Team Player. A team in harmony is synergy in motion, where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual talents. When all assignments are understood, when each takes 100 percent responsibility for the outcome, a quantum leap in performance takes place. Winners learn how to become interdependent—without sacrificing individuality—and how to stand out, while fitting in.

Monday, January 17, 2011

YOUR Real Life PR Board

PR's are set in CrossFit Affilates everyday throughout the world. It feels like we are on top of the world at that moment.

Remember when you did your 1st:


It takes time, committment, dedication, heart, blood, sweat, character to push past your goals, set new one's and smash through them!

What about in your life?

What if CrossFit is a spring board to help you with your regular life. The things we accomplish through CF, the physical and mental training we get from CF bleeds into our lives.

Here is a great post about that very idea, thanks to CrossFit Lisbeth:

"Forget snatching and cleaning and the push jerk today. Let's mark off stuff for life. Maybe your entire life should be observable and measurable, even if not repeatable?

Be a good person.

Study. Learn.


Be a good parent..."

Read the Full post HERE

What is on YOUR Real Life PR Board?
What are the things CrossFit helped you with already?
What are the things CrossFit is going to help you accomplish in the near or far future?


Friday, January 14, 2011

Mental Toughness and Much More

Jimmy is one mentally tough motha going through the Seal Fit Camp in Dec 2010

What does it take to be mentally tough?
What is the difference between someone who is a champion and someone who is the runner-up or even a slacker? What makes someone able to look an impossible situation in the face and willingly conquer it? It may be the one factor that determines whether your goals are realized or not.
A great definition I found that regards to all aspects in life:

Mental Toughness - Having a physiological edge that enables you to be a consistent, confident, focused, and determined during high pressure situations in order to perform at maximum potential.

Idea taken from:

CrossFit is a awesome resource to use to develop that mental toughness you can use not only for the workouts and your health but for anything in life!
-Whenever you take yourself out of your 'comfort zone' and build a little mental toughness!
-Whenever you put some more weight on the bar, and know it is going to suck and do build a little more mental toughness!!
-Whenever you set a goal and it feels uncomfortable, make a plan, and follow build a little more mental toughness!!!Another way I look at being mentally tough is having the courage to take on a challenge most people couldn't do or wouldn't do over a length of time most people couldn't do or wouldn't do! Remaining focused and completing a task is one thing, doing something for a great cause is something much BIGGER!

Two fantastic examples mental toughness are Dave Lipson and Jonny Smyth.

Dave Lipson, is widely known across the CrossFit community as one of the strongest athletes around physically. Something he is also becoming known for is his mental toughness and heart. Dave started a goal and a blog devoted to Amanda Miller she recently passed away from skin cancer. Dave is back squatting at least 450lbs everyday for 365 DAYS in a row in honor of her. He is selling T-Shirts to raise $$$ for Skin Cancer Awareness. Read more at:

Next is Jonny Smyth. Jonny is rowing the distance for crossing the Atlantic Ocean and will be doing it all on a Concept 2 rower. The total distance covered will be 4722 km and he will row 12.9 km a day for 365 DAYS IN A ROW! He is doing this for a local charity called Cash For Kids.
Follow his progress on his blog:

What examples have you seen of mentally toughness?

How have they inspired you?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whatever YOU say your NOT...

The Chief only focuses on her progress and nothing else

Remember when you were in high school and you would meet a girl, flirt with her and try to get her to go out with you. And one of the things she would say as you were fraternizing with her was, "I'm one of those girls that is NOT about drama", come to find out that is what she is ALL ABOUT!

Most humans in general have 'hold-backs', why they don't hit their goals or go for their dreams with anything in life; career, relationships, health, etc... And it all boils down to 2 things:


Take into account that I am not a psychologist, therapist, or doctor of any sort (even tho I self-proclaim myself as a 'Doctor of Movement'. So everything I say or believe is based on my experiences, they aren't medically proven.

When you have to tell people what you are NOT, you are going out of your way to cover up the very thing that you are. And you are going out of your way to cover it up because it scares the 'ba-gee-bee's' outta ya!

My point is, we all have issues, we all have 'hold-backs', no one is perfect. We are actually designed imperfectly by the Big Guy in the sky. But that doesn't mean you can't overcome obstacles, setbacks, distractions,  or anything that will hold you back in life.

Everyone has the opportunity to succeed! No one holds you back, except you!

Another cliche' phrase we all know is, "You can do anything you want to, if you put your mind to it". That applies to the opposite as well. You can hold yourself back, if you put your mind to it!

Focus on who you are and what you are going to accomplish. Let that drive you forward!

When or if you start to 2nd guess yourself, remember why you started your goal, your CrossFit, your Paleo plan, look at it and re-read the goals you wrote down to remind yourself why (now we are assuming you write your goals down), reach out and ask your coach/trainer, friends/family, or anyone that supports you for help...sometimes that's all you need.

And if all else fails, email me and I will 'call you out'

How many holy words have you read, however many you speak, what good will they do if you do not act upon them? -- Buddha

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who is YOUR Alter Ego aka Nickname?

FTS and Bolge attacking the WOD

Alter Ego according to Wikipedia:

An alter-ego (Latin, "the other I") is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person, who is often oblivious to the persona's actions. It was coined in the early nineteenth century when dissociative identity disorder was first described by psychologists.[1] A person with an alter-ego is said to lead a double life.
Alter-ego is also used to refer to the different behaviors any person may display in various situations. Related concepts include avatar, doppelgänger, impersonator, and split personality.

Alter Ego according to Chris Mello:
Everyone has a 2nd personality/persona/2nd self deep within us. We use it when we are about to start a WOD, attempt a PR lift, push through the end and finish strong when we don't have any more gas left, accomplish something we never dreamed possible.
It takes each of us to a place where we don't think, we act! It takes us to a place we you don't just push hard you push HARDER! It takes us to a place where you feel like you can't continue to go, you not only go you go HARDER and STRONGER than you ever thought!
My Alter Ego:

Above is a clip from one of my favorite movies of all time, "the Boiler Room". I am a personal development and sales geek! I love people, I love learning, and I love challenges.
I watched this movie about 15 years ago (and still do to this day). It planted a seed in me about how I approach the things I do in sales, building a business, and how I attack a workout. The characteristics that I live by: It taught me to be tenacious, aggressive, hustle, not take NO for an answer, be confident (almost to the point of being cocky, but not quite:-),

Tell us about yours?

Do you have one? If not, you might want to develop one.


Encouraged people achieve the best; dominated people achieve second best; neglected people achieve the least. ~Anon~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Make it Happen, Make it Automatic

Even Prego's can make it Automatic!

We are 1.5 weeks into the Resolutions. 

How is everyone's goal/resolutions going?

Make it Automatic

When you make the decision to come to the gym.  Come to the gym.  Make it part of your routine, just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  If it is automatic and there is no choice in it, it gets done. 

How do you do it?

What is it that makes you do it and get to that point of being automatic? 

Where nothing will stop you? 

Not lack of time, family/kids, long hours at work, lack of $$$, too tired, not motivated???

What tricks or tips could you give your friend, family member, acquaintance, a follower/reader of this blog on how to make it automatic?

And those of you that haven't made it automatic or having started their 2011 goals/resolutions...time to fess up! You know who you are, don't make me "Call YOU out!?" Put it out there, reach out for support and start NOW! 

It is so true that people with less time, less $$, work more hrs., less support, more nay-sayers, are making it happen and being ultra-successful.

Why can't YOU?

Sound off and P.T.S!

"I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's" -- Henry Moore

Monday, January 10, 2011

Part 1 of 5: How to Inspire Others?

Last Day in Sioux Falls, she has inspired HUNDREDS! And there will be many more she will touch.

Inspiration is a powerful thing.It changes people for the better.
It makes you want to do more.
It makes you want to be better.
It makes you want to reach for your dreams.
There are different ways of inspiration and one of them is from the people we meet or have met. Being a FITness coach/trainer (especially a CrossFit one) having the ability to inspire someone or several people is a gift. A very powerful gift. A very fun gift. A very amazing gift.

I have found 5 ways a person can inspire others. And we are going to make it into a 5 part series.
Today we are going to tackle how to inspire others by your example.

Inspire others by your example. People pay attention to your actions without you even knowing about it. In order to inspire others, you need to be a good role model for them to follow. Inspiration comes when those around you see qualities in you that are worth emulating. People of character and principles inspire others to follow their lead. This world will become a better place if there are more people like yourself who inspires others and brings positive influence to everyone you meet.

Read more: How to Inspire Others |

In the world of CrossFit a perfect example of inspiring others by your example is my wife, Annie Mello. She empitomizes what it takes to succeed with the CrossFit program. She is consistent, has zero excuses and works out HARD every single workout no matter what it is. 

In the middle, a firebreather among firebreather's

Consistency is a main ingredient when wanting to succeed in anything in life especially FITness. Working out is a lifestyle. It must be done all the time 5-6 days a week religiously. Anyone can follow a program for 90 days, 6 months or even a year or so. But to actually get to the point of inspiring those around you takes countless hours of commitment, determination, over a long period of time. In the 9 plus years I have known her I honestly can't recall her EVER missing a workout...EVER!  

Zero Excuses: A very simple way to let yourself off the hook is creating those darn 'excuses'. 'I'm too tired', 'I'm SORE', 'I'll start tomorrow'...yadi yada ya. No matter if she is sick, tired, stressed, has a million things to do in a day, no matter the weather, she gets it done...every time!

Working out HARD: Its one thing to be consistent and not let anything get in the way of your goals/plan, its another thing to remain focused and intense every time you exercise. Putting in the effort will allow you to reap the benefits/results. And anyone that knows Annie, the results speak for themselves. 

Inspiring by your example is a sure fire way to to help those around you. But don't expect people to notice right away. Don't expect people to listen to you. Being a role model takes more effort than you think. The people that really notice, you won't maybe ever know that they notice. 

Annie Mello is a Champion in the truest form. She inspires me every day. She inspires me to better, to want to improve myself in every way. She inspires me by her example. She makes me want to inspire others with my example. I am very fortunate to have her in my life as a constant inspiration. 

She inspires me.

Who inspires YOU by their example???


‎"My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life." ~Lee Iacocca~

Friday, January 7, 2011

Practice What YOU Preach

"I DONT do Business with 'FAT' people!"

Now, before you all say, "That is soooo rude!"

Let me define my definition of 'FAT' people.

A 'FAT' person is not by the amount of weight a person weighs nor is it determined by their body fat %, BMI, or any of the typical FITness standards.

A 'FAT' person to me is defined as, a person who is lazy, ignorant, unwilling to make a change for the better, procrastinator, a person that says they will do something and end up NOT doing what they promised, has low or no personal integrity (P.I.), I could go on and on so I think you catch my drift:-)

A couple of examples:

-A overweight Trainer: Now I do mean a personal trainer that is overweight this time. Why in the hell, would someone spend good $$$ per hour with someone that is out of shape and does not do what they actually sell??? I used to know a trainer back in my personal training gig at a globo gym. He was out of shape and overweight. And he was always the top trainer every month in sales. And I couldn't get over it...I was like, how in the hell is that FAT S.O.B. the top in sales every month. His philosophy was talk to them the whole hour and give them a sub-par workout and they will just keep coming back because they were dependent on him. It was pathetic.
-A used car salesman: A salesman that sells you a P.O.S. that drives a Mercedes. Growing up, I would see my parents deal with guys like this and it never ended well.
-A financial planner/accountant: They are supposed to help you earn wealth but they don't have any themselves or even worse they are in HIGH amounts of DEBT! Lets just say my taxes were filed late, not as planned....GRRRRR!

When I am buying anything for myself, one of the 1st things I ask the sales person is, "Do you own it?" or "How do you like yours?"

If they don't own it, I'm out. To me if they don't "Practice what they Preach" something will go wrong in the future so why even bother moving forward.

As far as the health industry, I am even more particular (if that is even possible:-)

A FITness Coach or CF box owner's best marketing scenario is to have a network of Health related PRO's surrounding them and bouncing referrals back and forth until the cows come home.
The difference with running a CF Box is that CF is such a different animal in the FITness industry that you would only want to work with Health Pro's that not only 'get it' but actually 'DO IT'.

A few people that stick out in my mind that embody the "Practice What You Preach" philosophy is:

Doc Rob McCoy: In Feb 09 in the very early beginnings of running CFSF and from the 1st day we met everything just made sense and clicked from the very get-go. He wanted to do CF because he wanted to get back in the kind of shape he was back in high school being a 4 sport athlete. At the time I remember him saying even if he could get half way there he would be more than satisfied...I think the results speak for themselves today! Not only is he a great personal friend, amazing at his Chiropractic profession, but he has helped keep well over 100 CFSF athletes healthly or got them back in the box faster than anyone else could have. He 'Gets It' a lot of other Chiro's don't.

Next, is MB. I met MB back in the summer of 09. She was and would admit that she was an endurance junkie, and training LSD (long slow distance). CF was exciting and scary to her all at the same time. She was definitely skeptical in the beginning but over time she bought into this crazy thing called CrossFit and I couldn't stop her now if I tried. I echo the same sentiments to her as I did Doc Rob. She is a warrior, exceptional at her P.T. gig, an ambitious student of FITness and movement and has helped keep my former coaching staff, wife, and clients healthy to continue to get the results they deserve. She 'Gets It' and a lot of other P.T.'s don't.

Lastly, Doctor Christopher Paa. Doc Paa is a cardiologist and knew exactly what he was getting into when he started CF last year. He is a student of CrossFit and continues to further his knowledge and his results with CF because of it. I always enjoy discussing anything about CF, nutrition, supplements, etc... He 'Gets It' a lot of other Doc's don't.

When you are dealing with YOUR Health you are dealing with YOUR LIFE, expect only the best when you work with someone. The 3 people discussed above are shining examples of Practicing what they Preach. Their profession is Health and they continue to make themselves Healthy.

When you deal with people that "Practice what they Preach" or do what they say, everything WILL go smoothly. When you give in and deal with people that don't because it is more convenient or cheaper, you run the risk of something go wrong and getting screwed some how.

That's what I've got...What do you got? Any funny stories like the one's above?


Growth is not easy. It comes from fully experiencing each situation and mastering it with understanding. Lord, Your presence in my life dispels my fears and guides me through all of life's circumstances.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What is your CrossFit/Paleo 60 second commerical?

"no machines, different workouts everyday, what the f*$#???"

When someone asks you, “So tell about this CrossFit thing you are doing?”

Or, “Whats this Paleo Diet you been doing?”

How do you answer them? 

For the longest time I have told  people too much at first and end up confusing myself and them in the process. I would get so pumped up that I would say too much. Over time I found my flow in how to explain it to them, but it did take a while.

So let’s take a professional salesman approach.

First, consider this: 

What does your product or service (CF/Paleo) do for your ‘customers’?
That’s a question that might have hundreds of answers.  But just a few of those answers will “hit home” with the majority of your current and past customers. Figuring out the most relevant answer to this question is key to creating an effective sales message.

When you need to create an advertisement, email, sales letter, 60-Second Commercial, or anything related to sales and marketing—pretend that one person (your prospect) has a problem, a problem you can fix. (most times you will already know this , or they have told you tons of times ( i.e. "I'm Fat, I feel like crap, blah blah blah)

In your sales message, address the problem first ("I'm Fat, I feel like crap, blah blah blah). Addressing your prospect’s problem gets their attention.  They think, Hey, I’ve got that same issue.  I wonder what they’re going to do about it. It’s best to be specific in your sales message

The more specific your message, the better you’ll connect with your audience and attract their full attention. Now that you’ve got them “hooked” for a few more seconds, what’s next? Personally, I like to tell a short story about how YOU or one of your CF friends had a particular problem. I give details about their problem (a testimonial perhaps), and then share exactly what you/they did to make their problem disappear.  People love stories, and they also like to hear that they are not the only ones with that same problem.

Finally, briefly summarize everything. Remind them of their problem, let them know how you would fix it, and tell them to contact you regarding their similar problem.

There are many different angles and creative ways to tell your prospect how you can help them.  Just remember that your potential new customers don’t really give a darn about your product or service; they just want to know if you can get rid of their problem.

Lastly: There’s no one way to give a 60-Second Commercial.  Don’t get caught up in what you think
a 60-Second Commercial should sound like.  Don’t be afraid to break the rules.  If you give the same commercial week-in and week-out, when in doubt just tell a story and you can't screw it up.

Idea taken from:

How do you explain CF/Paleo to your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc…?

The readers/followers would love to hear it and so would I.
Just in case you want to know mine. A random person, I just met asks me:
Person X: What is this CF thing you do?
Me: Oh it GREAT! We have, no machines, the workout is different everyday, they are timed so you push yourself as hard as you can, and the workouts are 20min or less on average.
Person X: Really? How do you get a good workout?
Me: Trust me, I thought the same thing when I started, but it is the HARDEST workout you will ever do!
Person X: Is it a lot of cardio?
Me: Its a complete mix of weights, bodyweight and intense cardio. That what I loved about it in the beginning. I hate doing cardio, you wouldn't catch me ever on an elipical or treadmill at a gym. The cardio is mixed in and you and you actually get a better cardio workout then any B.S. cardio machine.
Person X: That sounds pretty cool.
Me: Come with me tomorrow at 4p and you will 'get it' and see if its for you or not.
Person X: Sure.
Me: BOOM! Reccooooo!!!

Now tell us your story, or you would do a 60 sec commercial to a friend, family member or random person asking you about it.

P.T.S (post that SH*T!)
Courageously Fear your Potential-To win or lose is determined by you...If you really give it
your best- EVERYTHING you have... What else is there? Fear is not your enemy-it is a shadow of the courage it will
take to accompish a challenge.
Fear less - Courage More. You got it.
The courage it will take to accomplish a challenge. Fear Less – Courage More. You got it.
-Thanks MBPhD

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taking 'Who Calls YOU Out?' to a Whole New Level

My best 'Call Out' of 2010 is KS didn't do enough wt in a WOD, she thought it was too easy, so I told her to do it again, in the same class! 
Exercising (CrossFitting) and eating right is not rocket science:-0

You move more and eat cleaner, anyone can lose weight (fat).

I have often said, it is easy to lose weight and get healthier in the beginning (especially in Jan with resolutions flying around everywhere). You are excited and motivated just based off that you will succeed in the first few weeks of your new program.

But what happens when the initial excitement and motivation fades and it gets HARD? (Bc it happens to the best of us)

- you get really SORE for multiple workouts
-the weight comes off easy in the beginning and then it is harder and harder and the weeks go by
-what about when you start to 'feel' burned out mentally or even emotionally

One I my favorite aspects about coaching people (esp CrossFitters) is having the opportunity to 'Call Them Out'! Not let them off the hook! Bring the best out of them! Believe in them until they Believe in themselves! Because YOU WILL WIN when you do the work!

I recently found a great new blog, by Kelly Eller, called, Me vs. MJ. The website is about one man's journey toward playing a game of basketball with Michael Jordan (also my bball idol growing up). Kelly doesn't know Michael Jordan and he doesn't even know anyone who knows Michael Jordan, but he is determined that if he puts his goal out there publicly and commits to it 100%, that he can make it happen.

So what happens when you have a goal, but there is no definitive end, and maybe even you are not sure if and when it is going to happen?

It can be hard to stay focused over the long haul. That is when it is MANADTORY to surround ourselves with people who will support us (i.e. fellow CrossFitters). You know, those people who will call us out when we stray from our commitment and our determination wanes.

Kelly recently wrote a blog entry about just that...

Who do you have in your life that will call you out?
Who of your friends is friend enough to be honest with you?
And if you cannot think of a name, are you really pushing yourself to your full potential?

Think about it. Do you have someone like Kelly's brother in your life?

My brother wasn’t calling me out to make me feel bad or to make me doubt my game.
He was calling me out to make sure I make the most of my abilities each and every time.
He was calling me out so that I never take a day off.
He was calling me out so that I always prepare by giving my all.
He was calling me out because he cares.
Who Calls YOU Out?
Who cares about you so much that they will speak up, even if uncomfortable, to help you maximize your potential?

For the full article -- Who Calls You Out?

My 'Call Out's for Jan 2011:

-To my Wife: I love you, you are a Champion, let your shoulder heel and keep increasing your fish oil and Vita D!
-To Liza: Go with your gut, you are going to do AMAZING!
-To Garrett: Re-vamp your blog and open your DAMN BOX in Fargo
-To KS: Don't even think about it...she knows what I'm talking about, and actually do the opposite and take it up a notch this year!
-Rob S: MOVE TO CALI! One life to live my life to live, so LIVE IT!
-To TK, LD, AMac, Kimmy G, AKoch, Jax, and all the CFSF ladies, bring the HEAT in 2011!!!
-Cody, CMouw, Browny and FTS: Kill em and turn em into SOLDIERS in a loving way!
-And all the CFSF'ers: Push YOURSELF to YOUR BEST! When it gets 'HARD' push HARDER!!! If you are going to puke, then puke and get back after it! All of you have everything set up for YOU to succeed, so freakin SUCCEED!
-To anyone who used to do CF and quit, suck it up and get your *ss back to the BOX!
-To all you slackerz that are a member at CF and don't come at least 3x a week, Prioritize your HEALTH!
-If I missed any of you near and dear to me, don't you worry I will be 'Calling You Out' in future posts.

Lots of Love,


*Feel free to 'Call Me Out' in the comments:-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Resolutions Don't Work And How to Make Them

This group of CrossFitters has no problem with their goals. Only how far they can take it to the next level.

December you start making 'Resolutions'. January is the month you  put those 'Resolutions' to the test.

Does it work???..NO!!! If it worked then why are more and more people making 'Resolutions'?

You want to know why? Because according to websters dictionary (noun) “An often ill advised pretend goal that is destined to fail from the start. These feeble attempts are made year after year with no avail. Often accepted by a lazy Western culture as a fun excuse to share with their friends in order to justify maintaining their current lack of fitness.”

Why do people abandon their resolutions?

One reason is that we become discouraged when results don't come quickly enough, or when we find that we are not necessarily happier because of them.

Well what do you people expect??? Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, "How long have I been slacking off?" It is easy to think to yourself if I put in a little effort I can erase months or years of unhealthy eating/exercising. Sorry guys, not the case. The statistics say Americans start their resolutions on Jan 1/2 and quit by Feb  2. Setting goals/resolutions is definitely the 1st step but it going to take A LOT more then just taking that 1st step.

Behavioral change requires sustained effort and commitment. It is also typically accompanied by physical discomfort. For example, reducing food, alcohol or nicotine intake from a level to which you have become accustomed, results in cravings. Forcing yourself to get off your cozy chair to exercise is often difficult when you're tired. And of course, it's easy to procrastinate until tomorrow, so that you can rationalize not disciplining yourself today.

"How to make New Year's Resolutions Stick"
Therefore, if you are going to make New Year's resolutions this year, be sure you are ready for the challenge. Here are some tips to maximize your success:
1. Examine your motivation for change. Are you just feeling full and bloated at this moment? Do you have a hangover from last night? Did your last cigarette give you have a hacking cough? Or is there a more enduring reason for your desire to change? If you can't think of a better reason than the fact that you're uncomfortable at this moment, then you're better off not making promises to yourself that you probably won't keep. However, if you are realistic and accept the responsibility of discipline required for change, your motivation will be sustained long after the discomfort from over-indulgence has passed.
2. Set realistic goals. Habits and behaviors that are changed gradually have a greater chance of success. (Set performance goals for ex: I'm working out 3x a week or every other day, start with eating a healthy breakfast or drinking twice as much water daily.)  
3. Focus on the behavioral change more than on the goal. For example, if you decide to control your eating, your goal for the day is not to lose a specific number of pounds, but to stick to your program. Such focus on your behavior will help you feel in control of your life. You will gain satisfaction from making sensible choices several times throughout the day.
4. Learn to redefine physical sensations of discomfort. Whenever we restrict ourselves, we have both physical and mental reactions. Someone who is restricting food intake will also feel physical discomfort.
Also take the glass of FULL approach. If you eat more of the good things during the day, you wont crave the bad. Also, if you eat great you can afford to have some treat. Think of it as your bank account. The more and more deposits you make to raise your account. You can afford to have a little 'cheat' once in a while.
5. Set yourself up for success. Find a friend, family member, co-worker, etc... to embark of this healthy year with you. It is much easier to hold someone else accountable and vice versa. It is always easier to let ourselves off the hook, but not your teammate. They won't let you sleep in or slack off and you won't with them. With your nutrition, be smart, keep your fridge and pantry filled with only healthy foods. Surround your daily life with a setup for you to succeed.
6. Allow for imperfection. No one is exactly on target all the time. In fact you should expect to falter every now and then. If you give in to temptation, do not use this as an excuse to abandon the whole program. Learn from your mistake and move on.
7. Do it now. If you're waiting for a more convenient time to begin behavioral change, it won't happen. It's almost never convenient to change ingrained habits. Now is just as convenient as any time. And if you begin now rather than later, you'll have a jump on a more satisfying future. Your body does not have a clock. It doesn't know what day or time of the year it is nor what time of the day it is. You do! Set your plan, stick to it, if you screw up, just go right back to it.

Ideas taken from:

So, followers or readers;

What helped you succeed with your goals in 2010?

Anything you learned about yourself last year that you will use this year to help with your goals?

Sound off in the comments and help others succeed in 2011.

"The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%."-- Andrew Carnegie