Monday, July 18, 2011

Mental WOD 12: Want It vs. Do It

Most of us have good...actually great intentions. We are motivated, we set goals, we PRIORITIZE them, but for some crazy reason it takes forever to accomplish or not accomplish at all!


Life is crazy, fast, and sometimes unmanagable. But is it really?

Two things happen to us in life. We take control or life takes control of us. Which side of the fence are you on?

A great way to set yourself up to succeed with your goals is to create priorities in your life and stick to them.

Here are 5 ways to create rules and guidelines to live by and create progress and balance in your life:

1- Create priorities. If you don't take care of YOU 1st everything you WANT to accomplish will suffer. Balance is key. Do not bump exercise, play and time with family or friend in favor of work or tasks to do. If you don't get enough to recharge your balance battery your productivity will go down, your body will break down (injured, stressed, get sick).

2- Get your deadline work done first. Attach dates/timelines to tasks that are of importance. Create urgency to get those tasks done and avoid getting distracted with less important things (checking facebook, answering not important emails, daydreaming, etc...)

3- Recognize that some things really are better done tomorrow. This is really an extension of #2. We may have a lot on our list but that doesn't mean it all has to get done today. When you prioritize the important vs. not urgent you will be more focused and relaxed throughout your day and week.

4- Outsource. Ask for help when needed. We aren't super heroes here. It's easier to ask for help if you have been willing to help out others in the past. Its a two way street.

5- Stop overpromising and over scheduling. It is easy to WANT to do more and more. It is good intentions but will end up with bad results. Stay organized and focused take on what works with you and your schedule.

List taken from Unchained Entrepreneur

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