Thursday, April 21, 2011

Its Always YOUR Fault

I know its an easy way out...but don't blame Perry for your mistakes:-(

Stuff happens.

Why do you think that is?

When something goes bad in your life (lose your job, a relationship break-up, your FAT, not happy, your car gets jacked, etc...);

Who is to blame? Things, other people, family, environment, traffic, economy, your gardener, republicans, etc...


Everything that happens to you in your life (good or bad) 100% YOUR FAULT!

Think about it. It may be hard to swallow. But I can tell you this, when you do believe this and/or buy into it you will free yourself from a lot of grief/guilt/frustration and begin to really start moving forward with what you want to make out of your life.

Now flip it around.

When things are going well in your life...its YOUR FAULT! That is awesome! When you get back in shape, when you CONQUER your fears, when you reach your goals and dreams...HOLY COW ITS YOUR FAULT...WHOOOHOO! You can take total control of you life, no one else can. That is a daunting and wonderful responsibility at the same time. You have the power to help yourself and set an example for others.

"I am exactly where I am because of the thoughts that I create and the actions that I take." -Recco

Below is a great part of a post from one of my new favorite blogs

Take a responsibility for your own life.
“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.”
“You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”
When we are kids people take care of us. They take responsibility. But to become an adult – and not just a kid in a grown up’s body – one has to take responsibility for oneself. There is no other way. Sure, letting someone else take the responsibility may be easier on you.
But without taking responsibility for yourself how can you be free?
How can you really live up you own potential and dreams?
It can be hard to break out of the comfort zone of having other people taking responsibility for us. But if you don’t then you will be trapped by other people’s standards, expectations and limitations. You have to set your own rules for your life. A bit scary. But also liberating. For the rest of the post that I may take some more from later HERE
Time to sound off peeps...let me hear and P.T.S!!!


  1. Oh, the Torero's of old are wishing the current team is reading this one!

  2. I knew YOU would like these:-) Thx for the love

  3. I think you may have wrote this blog about me??? I can totally relate to this, I have been in that place where I have blamed everyone but myself. Not their fault!! I am now responsible for my own bad choices and in turn the good ones I have now begun making. Let me tell you what a difference it has all made!'s my fault for letting you guys leave!! I take full responsibility! ;)
    Thanks for reminding me!!