Monday, April 18, 2011

Mental WOD #4: Change It Up To Change YOU UP

I WANT to be this EXCITED after I post my WODs:-)  Thanks Armen

It is so easy to go on day after day doing the same old routine. And many of us wonder why we can't do more or do better?

Remember we are what we repeatedly do. And if our routines don't serve us to be better or help us grow towards our goals...why are they in your life?

With Easter coming this Sunday a lot of people have given something up for lent. I feel to change your life (for the good) giving something up is only part of the answer. To succeed and execute change (for the good) something must be added in.

This weeks Mental WOD:

Brainstorm and pick 1-3 habits that you know are holding you back from your goals (drinking diet soda, always hitting the snooze on your alarm, watching too much TV, etc...) And find a healthy alternative to put in place of that unfavorable habit. Think hard and be honest about it. It might be something that you really DON'T want to change but NEED to.

For example, every time you WANT to:

*Drink Diet Soda -> Drink Water
*Hit the snooze on your alarm - > Roll over and do 10 Push ups
*Reach for the remote to watch TV after dinner -> Reach for a book

It will be hard, especially the more 'attached' we are to that particular habit. But this is for YOU.

Something I found that is a great way to look at change and why it is so difficult to make a change.

One thing about changing your life is that you can promise yourself to do anything in the future. And that sounds good and feels even better. But later on we can always come up with reasons to rationalise doing what we decided to never do again just a week ago. And those reasons don’t even have to be that great or logical. When we feel like doing whatever it is we want to do – smoke a cigarette, buy a new expensive coat or shy away from facing a fear – then out mind will find ways to rationalize it. And we’ll do it, feeling we have a good reason to. And then the next day we promise ourselves and others to not do it again. And so on.

By removing these things from your environment as best your can and replacing them with more suitable things you take away many of the opportunities to both do and to rationalize doing something. By replacing them with the things, people etc. that the person you want to become would have a around himself or herself it kinda forces you to live up to and adapt to your new surroundings. And so it becomes easier to change and reach your goals.
Your environment is an important part of you and your identity. Every day it reinforces who you are. Tear your environment down and rebuild it to help create and reinforce a new part of yourself and the person you want to become. -
Post your old habit with you new habit to the comments. And let us know how you are doing throughout the week. 

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