Monday, June 6, 2011

Mental WOD #9: One Thing at a Time

"Iced or HOT coffee...What should I do???"

We live in a world of information OVERLOAD! Personally, I catch myself over thinking and over doing too many things at once.

The world’s information avalanche actually can hobble learning, Schwartz says. Learning is most efficient when dispensed in spaced cycles rather than in one big glut. And when projects likewise are broken down into smaller chunks, you can maintain high levels of focus as you conquer interim challenges.
The capacity for absorbed attention is perhaps the most influential factor on productivity.Multitasking is actually a time-waster, with studies showing it takes 25 percent longer to work on multiple assignments at once (actually switching back and forth between them) than if the tasks were completed sequentially. Email, a tremendous distraction, saps and squanders mental energy that could be applied to more meaningful work. -Found from

To preserve your mental energy, focus and increase your productivity, I would like to introduce this week's Mental WOD...Do things one at a time.

After you PRE PLAN YOUR NEXT DAY work your TDL or tasks throughout the day, one thing at a time.

Avoid the distraction, stay focused and finish more and finish better.


  1. This will be a great challenge for me! I tend to have the "too many things on my plate syndrome" and so instead of being accomplished I wind up with a ton of half finished projects! If I preplan there will be no question as to what my next move is and will help to stay focused and get all my tasks completed!

  2. I'm excited to see how this will help you! Thx for the comment. Keep up the hard work champ!

  3. How did it go for you last week champ?