Friday, August 31, 2012

100% Owning Up

You liked this pic so much on my Facebook Page I thought I post again:-)

If I were to ask you a question...

"What percentage of shared responsibility do you have in making a relationship work?"

What would you honestly answer?

50/50? That would be too easy. Both people must be willing to share the responsibility evenly or some one's getting ripped off.

51/49?? Should you be willing to do more than the other person? Aren't relationships built on self sacrifice and generosity?

80/20??? Nope.

The answer is 100/0. Until you are ready to take 100% responsibility with zero expectation of receiving anything in return the relationship will NOT work.


If the relationship is build on anything left to chance it will always be vulnerable to disaster.

Think about it for a second. If you took 100 percent responsibility for everything that has happened in your life (good/bad), completely owning all of the choices you made, you would have the power.

In life we get out of it what we put into it. If you expect others to help you, show you, get you things you 'deserve' then you are finding a way deep down inside to let yourself off the hook. A lot of us want so many great things for our lives ( a FIT body, successful career, happy relationships, etc...) but when you expect it to happen without the work, commitment, time, mistakes that will happen then you are kidding yourselves.

The power with owning up is you can officially learn from your mistakes and control everything that happens to you moving forward.

Learning from your mistakes. The road to true success is long, hard and a rite of passage. Anything great you want out of life is only earned and never given to you. With that, you are going to trip, fall and stumble through mistakes you will make. Each mistake is a test. A test of wills to see if you are up for the challenge and to see how bad you want to succeed. Most people will fall and not get up. Some people will fight and fight and fight and eventually give up. The very few will win no matter what. It doesn't matter the journey. It doesn't matter how long it will take. Nothing matters, no obstacle is too BIG, because winning is the only option and they will get the job done period! So every time you fall you will not only pick yourself back up but you will learn from each fall you make. And by learning from every mistake you begin to gain speed with your growth and against your competition. Soon enough you will begin to become more powerful with less trips and move faster through life. Eventually the others around you that end up giving up you pass by to your goals.

Control everything that happens around you. There are only two things in life that create an outcome. First, the things that are within your control. Second, the things that are outside of your control. When you own up 100% you have the ability to control both (believe it or not). The way we think, behave and act is a condition we create and have created since we were brought into this world. All of those are within 100% of our control. You don't like your body? What have you been doing the last month, year, 5, 10, 15 years to yourself? What kind of food do you put in your mouth? What type of friends are you surrounding yourself with? Why are you in the job/career you are in? If your goals are more important than your constraints then you must remove the constraints. I know easier said then done but this is your life and you will get what you allow to tolerate.

What about things that you 'think' are out of your control? Isn't it funny that the things you 'think' you have no control over in your life are what a lot of us end up focusing on and with that stops us from achieving what we want and stop us from improving? You are always late because of traffic. Why don't you leave earlier? If it's affecting your job, move. A co-worker messed up your presentation. Why didn't you double check it yourself before the appointment? Maybe you can't help what family you were born into or where you grew up but you can definitely use any adversity to your advantage. I 'think' if you really took a long hard look at everything that is going on in your life you would find some of the things you think you can't control can be changed by making some changes to what you are already doing.

When you focus on owning up to everything that happens to you in your life past, present and future you will move from victim hood to unlimited power. You will control your time, FITness, career and nothing or nobody can stop you! And everyday take steps forward through life and create the future you have always wanted.

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