Thursday, April 25, 2013

ThrowBack Thursday... Associations and Peers

My wife and I have been working out in the backyard lately. With a squat rack, some weights, a kettle bell, bands and the California sun we have everything we need. The more we are out in the backyard the more my little sister watches us. She becomes curious as to what is going on. She then gets off the couch from watching TV and wants to come outside and play. She see's what we are doing and wants to join. It got me thinking if we weren't there and there were no backyard workouts would she just sit and watch TV? They say that kids learn more of what they see and observe vs. what you tell them to do. I believe adults are the same way. 

The power of our peers is vital to how our lives will turn out. You surround yourself with better people than you, you will rise to the level of your peers. You surround yourself with complainers, negative nancy's and self sabotagers you will eventually pick up their traits. 

For a lot of us it's the HARD truth. More times than not the people that aren't best for our goals and dreams are the people that are closest to us (best friends and family members) so it is a very tough situation. 

Here are 2 ThrowBack posts to help you if you are in this situation currently:

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