Thursday, May 9, 2013

Old YOU vs. Younger YOU...

The Wall Says it ALL...

I was listening to an interview with Pete Cashmore and the question was posed to him, "What advice would today's 'Pete Cashmore' tell the before he started 'Pete Cashmore' to help him with his success? 

He had a great response. I HIGHLY suggest you pick up the June issue of SUCCESS MAGAZINE and listen to the interview. 

I think we have all at one point in our lives asked ourselves, "If we could travel back in time and give some life advice to the younger version of ourselves, what would we say"???

I wrote a blog about it back in 2011, WHAT IF YOU COULD OF... With these questions about this topic:

Knowing what you know today, knowing what you have learned from your life experiences, and you had the opportunity to write yourself a letter, what would it say??? 

What would you say? 

What life lessons have you learned that you wish you would have known back then?

What do you think would happen if you knew what you know today, back then, and how could you life be different today?

Now let's flip it around... Whaaaat???

What do you think would happen if the opposite happened? 

Take a look into the future, predict the best outcome for yourself in 10 years. Picture it... All your goals have been accomplished. Your BIG goals that you are scared of today... ACCOMPLISHED!

That successful YOU, has traveled back in time to today...

What do you think the 'Future YOU' tell 'Today's YOU'? 

Advice? Tips? Etc... About your health, wealth, relationships, goals. 

Write that advice to yourself in the comments.

Then do what they (you) would say.

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