Friday, January 6, 2012

Introducing Friday's Week-In-Review

Good Times and Great Tans in 2011...

2012 for me is all about capturing what I do and learn and build upon it. Last year we introduced a concept that I love and implement weekly called, Mental WODs for the Week. Intentions are a great start but intentions alone will get you NO WHERE! Life is all about the Law of Cause and Effect, whatever you do or don't do will result in what you get. Our minds are moving at a very fast pace, sometimes we come up with the greatest thought or the next million dollar idea that could change our lives, but do they? If you don't capture those thoughts they can be lost forever. And capturing thoughts alone will not necessarily lead to execution. Consistent review of what you do will help you now implement what your initial intentions were. So to help further our growth as an ELITE Human Being we are happy to announce, Friday's Week-In-Review.

The Week-In-Review series will guide and educate you on the how and why to capture YOUR THOUGHTS throughout the week by simply putting it into practice consistently. Most times the Week-In-Review will compliment that same Mental WOD of the week, but we are free to write about whatever is going on in our heads through out the week. You are HIGHLY encouraged to use the comments each week as a journal/sound off board.

Stay tuned in every Friday starting next week.

Cheers to your best year yet!

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