Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mental WOD 23: 2012 Mantra...If It's To Be...It's Up to Me

We are ready...Are YOU?

Over the weekend I was listening to one of my favorite personal development authors, Darren Hardy. He was telling a story about a seminar he attended back when he was 18 years old. The seminar leader posed a question about a relationship concept that has stuck with him ever since.

The speaker at the seminar asked the question,

"What is the shared responsibility between 2 people to make a relationship work?"

Darren quickly raised his hand and said, "50/50! Both people must be willing to do their fair share to make the relationship work."

The speaker said, "No".

Another participant raised his hand and said, "51/49! Someone has to be willing to do a little more to make the relationship succeed."

The speaker said, "No", again.

One more participant said, "80/20".

No again...

But before we go on what would you say??

The speaker then proceeded to write on the whiteboard, "100/0".

Until you are willing to take 100% responsibility to make the relationship work, will it work?

If you ever are giving with the expectation of getting back, you are sabotaging it at every turn, it will never work.

Isn't that true of life in other circumstances??

We are at ALL times 100% responsible for what happens to us (good, bad or ugly).

Think about it. Every step you have taken, every thought you have thought, every decision you have made, every habit you have created has gotten you exactly where you are right now.

It may be hard to swallow. But I can tell you this, when you do believe this and/or buy into it you will free yourself from a lot of grief/guilt/frustration and begin to really start moving forward with what you want to make out of your life.

Now flip it around.

When things are going well in your life...its  YOUR FAULT! That is awesome! When you get back in shape, when you CONQUER your fears, when you reach your goals and dreams...HOLY COW ITS YOUR FAULT...WHOOOHOO! You can take total control of you life, no one else can. That is a daunting and wonderful responsibility at the same time. You have the power to help yourself and set an example for others.

If this (your life, your goals, your FITness, your dreams) is going to happen, its up to YOU and only YOU.

Do 3 very simple things by the end of this week before the thrill of the new year hoopla fades:

A- Make a least one GOAL for your FITness, personal and professional life in 2012 (you can do more:-) and why you want this to happen.
B- Make it public (perhaps posting to the comments). Holding it inside will allow you to talk yourself out of it because no else knows.
C- Have a plan. Get with your coach. Seek out successful people that have and/or are doing your goals and pick their brain. Map it out. SCHEDULE IT IN ADVANCE.

You have the power, what are you going to do about it?


  1. Great post, Mello. I feel like Western Culture has evolved to become this "pass the buck" society where it is easier to blame someone else or have an excuse.

    Let's all be reminded that we are in control of our own destiny.

  2. Thanks kiddo! And the empower being in control gives us.