Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Introducing Monday's Mental WODs for the Week

More Mental Toughness = More Pullups...GET IT GREGO!

Since the start of this blog I have been looking to have a theme each week (preferably on Mondays). And I think I have finally found it:-) Each week, on Monday's, we are going to have a Mental WOD for the week. We will have an activity or exercise for you (and I) to practice throughout the week. They are designed to train our mental  & emotional capacity to make us better.

How we think about ourselves, our life, our friends, our family, our world around us determine the decisions we make -> to create the actions we take -> which results in where we are today.

Think about it logically; We think and feel better...Our lives become better and it starts with our thoughts.

Some Mental WODs will work great for you! If so, continue to do them and add it into your daily life or weekly routine. Some Mental WODs just won't work for you. If so, no worries it just doesn't click with your personality. I know for me I have tried a lot of different ideas, routines, exercises over the years and a lot of them just don't click with me either. Other ideas, routines or exercises will work great and I continue to use them to make me better. Just give each Mental WOD an honest effort for its designated time frame to give it an opportunity to click for you.

For those of us that do CrossFit or have a serious FITness program we know the benefits of how exercising our body works. Now its time to exercise our mind and thoughts. Creating that mental toughness, HIGH Self Esteem, HIGH Self Confidence that we all want (and need) to take our lives to a HIGHER level.

Some Mental WODs will be designed for just a week. Other Mental WODs may last longer than a week and we will use Monday as a check in point to see how everyone is doing and for you to voice your opinion or advice to help others. The Mental WODs will either help you become aware of something or be designed to have you take action on something. They will cover all aspects of exercise, nutrition, time management, financial, goals, habits, leadership, etc...

Commenting throughout the week on your progress with each Mental WOD is HIGHLY encouraged to help your progress and motivate others in the process.

Lets give it a shot and have FUN!

If you have a great idea for a Mental WOD comment to this post or email me. I am always open for ideas.



  1. Mental WOD- With a five month running time clock: Accumulate as many cold showers as possible. **if the athlete bathes with warm water, start over.

  2. Logan - I SERIOUSLY like that idea. If I do that than you have too!

  3. I already did it-- Lol. So many times I stood in front of the shower wishing THIS one was warm. Especially after long days and early mornings.