Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stop Thinking and Start Doing!

My Inspiration and Constant Pep Talker when I am in a funk...Thanks my Love

How many times do you get in your own head??? (I like to call it mind f*cking yourself)

What happens when you start to think? You let doubt, fear, dis-belief creep in your head! Then what happens, you focus on it! And when you focus on it...it becomes your reality!

We all do it, shit I do...

Well guess what?! That is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

"So how do I get out of my own head"?

Do what has made you succeed before. It is our actions that drive us forward, not our thoughts! Because we can have bad thoughts and good thoughts, but either won't serve us or others if action is not in place.

"What if I feel I haven't been successful in something before"?

*First, I doubt that!
*Then, if you really haven't then it is time to learn from others who have.
*Find anyone you know that is/has been successful and talk to them.
*Look out for someone you respect and contact them or research what makes them tick.
*And if you still got nothing, hit me up and I will help!

Another good trick is a previous blog, "Flip the Script"

Next time you start to question yourself with your career, goals, dreams, FITness or anything that is stopping you from moving forward...stop, drop and focus on what makes you work or find out how and just keep moving forward!

P.T.S.!!! Sound off! I'm FIRED UP!!! Let me have it:-)

"Habits, your actions and the steps you do everyday determine where you are going to go" Recco

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  1. It also helps to recognize Resistance as something that needs its ass kicked. Here's a great book that I really found helpful.