Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deal With It!...So How Do You???

My Ol' CF Total friends

Life is one BIG curve ball after another...So How Do You Deal With It?

Some people plan ahead, some people don't plan at all?

Two weeks ago Annie and I were traveling to Sioux Falls from LA. We did everything according to plan. Bought our tickets well in advance. Reserved our parking for the weekend, in advance. Arrived at our gate early...1.5 hours later as we were waiting by our gate, we realized there were 2 gates:-0 and next thing we knew nobody was moving around us, then we realized it was 810 and our flight was supposed to leave in 5 min, so obviously we missed our flight...DOH!!! And this was a day and a weekend that we had to be there no matter what! We were moving our life and all the stuff in our house back to California and the moving truck was going to be there in less than 20 hours, we had no way to reschedule or get a refund...

Were we pissed about it?...YES!

Did we curse about it?....D*mn RIGHT!!! Well at least I did!

But did we give up and NOT make it...NOPE!

Right away we ran to the ticket counter and got no help, ran to another airline to try to hop on another flight and...no help there!

Then we whipped out our laptops found a flight at another airport an hour away, got our car drove down like a bat outta hell and to make a long story shorter, we made it to Sioux Falls that night, packed all of our stuff in time and never skipped a beat.

Getting something you set out to do no matter what, is an awesome feeling. It happens to all of us, all the time, and when we least expect it.

So what do you do when it happens to you?
Do you give up?
Make excuses?
Cry about it?

At many times in our life we will be:
-Injured, sick, tired, sad, need to help a friend, in traffic, bad weather, make a bad decision, etc...

How do you Deal with it and make your 'Situation' a Success Story?

P.T.S. it!!!

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