Friday, February 25, 2011

Motivational Consequences...

Kenny must WOD today or else!

Are we MORE motivated by immediate consequences or future possibilities???

According to Gym-Pact it is the immediate sting that hurts (motivates) us more.

Every year one of America's top New Year's resolutions is to join a gym and get in shape. And every year America just gets fatter. So what if our workout facilities started hitting us where it really counts; not in our guts, but in our pocketbooks?

That's the main idea behind Gym-Pact, a new company in Boston that partners with local vendors to offer discounts to consumers in exchange for weekly workout commitments. If you fulfill your commitment and attend the gym as promised, you get to skate along at reduced rates. But, if you choose to loaf and skip your agreed upon workouts, you're penalized at least $10 per day.

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I would say I agree. We can always let ourselves off the hook and 'go to the gym tomorrow' or 'I will start Monday attitude'. The problem is we always rationalize the present and continue to push back the future.

You can only guarantee what you do now, so 'JUST DO IT'!



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