Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Do YOU View the WhiteBoard?

When I see FSquats on the board, I honestly cry 1st, then sac up and go for it!

How do you view the WhiteBoard when you 1st see it?

Excited? Scared? Intimidated? Up for the Challenge???

I used to always change up how I displayed the whiteboard at my old box.

I would never post the WOD in advance on our blog.

Sometimes I would have it up all day and the next class coming in would see it right when they walked into the gym.

Sometimes I would erase the WOD after every class so no one would see it right up until the WOD would start.

I am always intrigued on how people viewed the Whiteboard. I would look around and pay attention to everyone's body language as the read what they were getting themselves into.

What is your 'Self Talk' once you see what your Workout Of the Day is???



  1. There are times that after I read the white board I want to run out of the gym as fast as I can! But I also tell myself what does not kill me will only make me stronger. Suck it up and get through it!

  2. Not knowing the WOD beforehand was one of my few complaints about "your old gym". The other was the pullup rig. Personally, I want to know what's in the WOD so I can prepare myself mentally. Every once in a while I look at a WOD and think oh crap, I can't do that, but those are the best when you RTFU and do it, you feel awesome afterwards. Only thing better is a WOD you totally under estimate and part of the way through you're telling yourself you can't finish. If you RTFU and finish you've mastered yourself, if only for a small period of time.

    And yes, every once in a while, when the 5 round of 50 DU, 50 Pullup WOD comes up (and it's posted on a blog), you can say f-that and go for a run and work your crappy du's solo so you're not finishing after the last person in the class after you...

  3. Personally, I think that posting the WOD ahead of time give people the opportunity to talk themselves out of going to it, especially if they read it first thing in the AM and they work out in the PM and they don't like it (i.e. wallballs).

    Plus... I find the WOD's that I don't want to do are the ones I'm not good at... thus never really improving on what I probably should be working on.