Friday, March 25, 2011

Tricky at Its Finest

Have you ever moved your alarm clock to the other side of the room so it would FORCE you to get up earlier than you want to in the morning?

How about wearing your workout clothes instead of  your pajamas so it would be easier to go to the gym?

What about putting a rower in a front of the TV...ahhhh maybe that's just my wife:-)

It is just as easy to trick ourselves into doing something as it is to trick ourselves out of doing something.

Some of the best and most successful people set up 'tricks' for themselves. They out-think themselves because they already know in advance how they are going to feel in the future so they trick themselves. It creates behavior that results in doing it rather than wanting it.

We all know what we need to do that is GOOD for us. So why not do it in advance to MAKE ourselves DO IT?!

What are some of the best ways you have tricked yourself???

1 comment:

  1. I once tricked myself by having a few of my friends that go to CFSF sign up for a 630a wod and actually show up! It was amazing! Was tired, but had a ton of fun and still got a workout in for a Friday that normally wouldn't have happened. Need to make a habit of that one....Who's with me? Amac? KG? Anyone???? I'm game if you are.....I sense a challenge.