Monday, March 14, 2011

One of the Best Result Driver!

G and Me at the 2010 Games

We all workout because we all have goals...i.e. we all workout because we want one thing RESULTS!

Nobody workouts out just for fun. Yes, working out can be fun (especially when I am coaching:-) but we sweat, bleed, have shortness of breath all because we desire to reap the benefits of exercise.

Now a lot people workout and honestly are wasting their time. They don't push themselves to their limit. They don't really want what they say they want (lose 20lbs, fit in a size 4, get back to my high school wt, blah, blah blah). They take easy street. And wonder why their pants don't fit or the scale isn't dropping:-0

You want the truth...I don't think you can handle the TRUTH!

To ensure that you will PUSH yourself beyond what you think is possible its time to make your FITness a competition and treat it as a sport from here on out. Once you do, you will have more results than you ever thought possible! Every single person on the planet no matter who you are and where you came from has the opportunity to be very FIT and very healthy.

In the CrossFit world, this week begins the biggest and BEST time of the year to watch, learn and experience exactly how FITness can and is treated as a sport. The CrossFit games season starts this week. To read more go to and if you are ready sign up and see what you are made of.

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