Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your SUBCONSCIOUS Mind Is A Powerful Thing To Waste

Daily Affirmations are a great Daily Mental WOD to build Champion Beliefs

At you at a point in your life where you want to be?

Let me clue you in on why you are exactly where you are today.

Your beliefs you believe, determine the Actions you have made, and have created the Habits you do, resulting in where you are today.

We get in life what we believe we deserve.

Are you happy with where you are today?

If yes, great! If not, what are you telling yourself you are? What do you believe you are?

You are always right, the mind attracts whatever it is familiar with, if you believe and tell yourself you are FAT, lazy, unmotivated, cant do this or cant do that then you are right. But if you believe you FIT, healthy, strong, powerful then you again are absolutely right!

Change what you believe and you will in fact change how you act.

Want to know how it starts?

It starts at the subconscious level.

The primary function of the subconscious mind is to believe whatever you tell it to be true. If you believe you are FAT, lazy, unmotivated, cant do this or cant do that, then you are right. But if you believe you FIT, healthy, strong, powerful, then you again are absolutely right! The subconscious mind doesn't change the reality of anything, it filters information you give it to support your beliefs you believe. It will literally filter what you tell yourself daily and will then affect the decisions you make and the outcome that happens.

Here's the magic...the subconscious can't think for itself. It doesn't know what it true or false. All it does is filter the information you give it (i.e. what you tell yourself constantly). You have the power to tell YOURSELF whatever you want to be true.

From this point on you have been telling yourself something, whether it is good or bad has been up to you, is it the I'm fat, I'm tired, I'm not motivated, i cant OR IS IT THE I'm strong, I'm powerful, I'm a champion,  I CAN do it!

Be conscious of what you believe, if you believe you deserve to be healthy, FIT, strong, confident then you will get it. And if you have been telling your yourself otherwise you have some work to do to reverse your limiting beliefs.

Tell it what you want DAILY and it will eventually make that true... they are true because you believe it to be.

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