Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Objective Measurable RESULTS...

It is easy to NOT notice improvement with your CrossFit. Day in and day out we push ourselves to the LIMIT. I find myself constantly UPing the weights, scaling UP the gymnastic skill and by doing so, I can easily fall in the trap of bvNOT noticing improvement.

The video above is "DT". It involves Heavy lifting at a very FAST pace. One of my main goals in CrossFit was to build a lot of total body strength (i.e. lift heavy weights). I originally finished the workout 2 years ago at 18:32 and barely survived. A week and a half ago I finished in 13:06 and felt like a completely different person.

Right after that WOD it inspired me to look through my CrossFit journal to find out what my old time was. As  I was flipping through the pages I started to notice some of the workouts I have done over the last 3 years. I noticed all kinds of improvement from strength increases, speed and proficiency in all movements. Then I found a couple pics and noticed even more positive change.

It is so easy to get caught in our heads and get de-motivated if you don't 'feel' as if you are improving. Journaling your workouts, weights, times, pictures, video's are so vital to break out of your own head and notice all the hard-consistent work paying off.

What is one of your favorite WODs that you remember you had a b*tch of a time with and now it is a different story?

Tell us how you feel and where your overall FITness is today compared to back then.

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