Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wake Up Call...

How serious do you take your goats?

As the Open WODs are wrapping up for the workout #1 I am reflecting on how the excitement of the games creates that urgency to prepare yourself.

So it's time to fess up...
For example...Double Unders.

Double Unders are a high skill movement. But not so high skilled that they are impossible to conquer. All it takes is CONSISTENT practice and a dedicated attitude and double unders will be your b*tch. I have talked to several people that it has taken them far too long time to ever do a workout with double unders all the way through. Now that the games rolled out DU's in week one I have seen people not only do double unders...but kick some *ss in that WOD...Congrats!

So my challenge to you (and myself). You all know your goats, sound off now, what are they and how do you intend to conquer them for good? Because you know you can, you just have been avoiding/or mediocrely working on them.

Think about the movement that you know would make you DNF next week's open WOD #2.

Whatever it is go for it!

Make it count like it would knock you out of competition. Don't wait for a competition to WAKE YOU UP!

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