Friday, March 18, 2011

No Regrets...


For the past week I have been back in Sioux Falls at CFSF. And it was so great to see everyone.

It was just over 2 years CrossFit Sioux Falls started from 0 and now it is something amazing!

The CrossFit program sells itself. It works and it works for anyone who wants it (results, goals, challenge...etc)

What makes it so special and every great CrossFit Affiliate special is the community it has. And I would put CFSF's community up against any other affiliate around the globe. The people, the relationships, the energy, the potential you all have is 2nd to none.

Here's how you make and keep a GREAT Community going and growing:

You C-A-R-E!

You care about the people and the people will care about YOU. You push yourself and everyone else will push themselves. You demand excellence and others will demand excellence.

Annie and I put our blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul into CFSF. And because of that it is the greatest place in Sioux Falls.

You have this place called CFSF that can do amazing things for you physically, mentally, emotionally. Use it and abuse it!

Now I leave having no regrets. I miss my CFSF peeps everyday. I think about you constantly. I look forward to hearing from you, texting with you, seeing the emails...keep them going.

I know it was only a brief period of my life but it will always be apart of my life. I learned so much for everyone there. You helped me be more confident, a better listener, and do things I wouldn't normally do.

I learned how to lead, teach and inspire. I learned how to not judge a book by its cover. I learned how to call you out and when not to call you out. I learned how to make FITness be FUN 1st. I learned how to build relationship credibility.

Everything I learned at CFSF I will take with me on to the next adventure. Not knowing how my life will turn out. Only knowing that everything I have gained through this time in my life I can only WIN!

Thank you for everything you did for me and my family.

Don't settle. Always push yourself. Demand to be the best. Have no excuses. Relax and have fun.

Never look back. And have no regrets in life.



  1. It was so great having you back at CFSF!! You truly do inspire people to want to be better... at everything!!

    Come back and visit soon, and bring that hot wife of yours along too!

  2. It was great to have you back! Through my crossfit adventure you have taught me to dream big...challenge and get back up to try again......learn from others......and most of all believe in ME!
    Thank you for continue to touch my life daily...even all the way from Cali:)