Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do YOU Drop the Bar???

CrossFit is HARD!

Today's main site WOD consisted of mine and most people's arch nemeses 'Heavier Thursters'.

In the first couple of minutes going into the WOD you feel strong, you feel confident, you feel good. And then it HITS you like a train!

It's hard too breath, the weights continues to get heavier and heavier, muscles start fatiguing, you start shaking...well at least that was my experience today.

As much as I wanted to drop the bar, the more fatigued I got, the more I wanted to stop and puke...I couldn't, I wouldn't, it was never an option! (Even tho I really wanted it to be)

CrossFit parallels our lives in so many ways. The way we build our FITness, confidence, the dedication to our health bleeds all over into our personal lives, careers, family and any goal we have.

One of the goals I have made for myself in the last couple of month is too not matter what never, ever, ever drop the bar!

So what do you do when it gets tough/HARD? Do you drop the bar???

Or do you pull it together, digg deep, and push even harder!


  1. I am a total bar dropper.... YIKES!!! Thats kind of scary to admit.... But I have amazing friends, and coaches that make me realize that it isn't impossible to complete the task/wod! I think it's okay to be a little reliant on friends/family/coaches to help me succeed.

  2. I have to say a little burpee penalty gives me the motivation to hang on to the bar. Even if it comes via a text message from California:)

  3. I am a bar dropper too...unless I'm getting yelled at:)