Friday, January 14, 2011

Mental Toughness and Much More

Jimmy is one mentally tough motha going through the Seal Fit Camp in Dec 2010

What does it take to be mentally tough?
What is the difference between someone who is a champion and someone who is the runner-up or even a slacker? What makes someone able to look an impossible situation in the face and willingly conquer it? It may be the one factor that determines whether your goals are realized or not.
A great definition I found that regards to all aspects in life:

Mental Toughness - Having a physiological edge that enables you to be a consistent, confident, focused, and determined during high pressure situations in order to perform at maximum potential.

Idea taken from:

CrossFit is a awesome resource to use to develop that mental toughness you can use not only for the workouts and your health but for anything in life!
-Whenever you take yourself out of your 'comfort zone' and build a little mental toughness!
-Whenever you put some more weight on the bar, and know it is going to suck and do build a little more mental toughness!!
-Whenever you set a goal and it feels uncomfortable, make a plan, and follow build a little more mental toughness!!!Another way I look at being mentally tough is having the courage to take on a challenge most people couldn't do or wouldn't do over a length of time most people couldn't do or wouldn't do! Remaining focused and completing a task is one thing, doing something for a great cause is something much BIGGER!

Two fantastic examples mental toughness are Dave Lipson and Jonny Smyth.

Dave Lipson, is widely known across the CrossFit community as one of the strongest athletes around physically. Something he is also becoming known for is his mental toughness and heart. Dave started a goal and a blog devoted to Amanda Miller she recently passed away from skin cancer. Dave is back squatting at least 450lbs everyday for 365 DAYS in a row in honor of her. He is selling T-Shirts to raise $$$ for Skin Cancer Awareness. Read more at:

Next is Jonny Smyth. Jonny is rowing the distance for crossing the Atlantic Ocean and will be doing it all on a Concept 2 rower. The total distance covered will be 4722 km and he will row 12.9 km a day for 365 DAYS IN A ROW! He is doing this for a local charity called Cash For Kids.
Follow his progress on his blog:

What examples have you seen of mentally toughness?

How have they inspired you?

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  1. I was really nervous about going outside CFSF and trying to stay "in the zone" and mentally tough... I realized that just having the accountability of all of you at CrossFit Sioux Falls makes me want to continue to get better even if I am not working out next to you, I still feel apart of something which continues to drive me and keep me focused! I will continue to push myself mentally and see how mentally tough I can really get!!
    PS Great Pic Jimmy very inspiring!