Thursday, January 6, 2011

What is your CrossFit/Paleo 60 second commerical?

"no machines, different workouts everyday, what the f*$#???"

When someone asks you, “So tell about this CrossFit thing you are doing?”

Or, “Whats this Paleo Diet you been doing?”

How do you answer them? 

For the longest time I have told  people too much at first and end up confusing myself and them in the process. I would get so pumped up that I would say too much. Over time I found my flow in how to explain it to them, but it did take a while.

So let’s take a professional salesman approach.

First, consider this: 

What does your product or service (CF/Paleo) do for your ‘customers’?
That’s a question that might have hundreds of answers.  But just a few of those answers will “hit home” with the majority of your current and past customers. Figuring out the most relevant answer to this question is key to creating an effective sales message.

When you need to create an advertisement, email, sales letter, 60-Second Commercial, or anything related to sales and marketing—pretend that one person (your prospect) has a problem, a problem you can fix. (most times you will already know this , or they have told you tons of times ( i.e. "I'm Fat, I feel like crap, blah blah blah)

In your sales message, address the problem first ("I'm Fat, I feel like crap, blah blah blah). Addressing your prospect’s problem gets their attention.  They think, Hey, I’ve got that same issue.  I wonder what they’re going to do about it. It’s best to be specific in your sales message

The more specific your message, the better you’ll connect with your audience and attract their full attention. Now that you’ve got them “hooked” for a few more seconds, what’s next? Personally, I like to tell a short story about how YOU or one of your CF friends had a particular problem. I give details about their problem (a testimonial perhaps), and then share exactly what you/they did to make their problem disappear.  People love stories, and they also like to hear that they are not the only ones with that same problem.

Finally, briefly summarize everything. Remind them of their problem, let them know how you would fix it, and tell them to contact you regarding their similar problem.

There are many different angles and creative ways to tell your prospect how you can help them.  Just remember that your potential new customers don’t really give a darn about your product or service; they just want to know if you can get rid of their problem.

Lastly: There’s no one way to give a 60-Second Commercial.  Don’t get caught up in what you think
a 60-Second Commercial should sound like.  Don’t be afraid to break the rules.  If you give the same commercial week-in and week-out, when in doubt just tell a story and you can't screw it up.

Idea taken from:

How do you explain CF/Paleo to your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc…?

The readers/followers would love to hear it and so would I.
Just in case you want to know mine. A random person, I just met asks me:
Person X: What is this CF thing you do?
Me: Oh it GREAT! We have, no machines, the workout is different everyday, they are timed so you push yourself as hard as you can, and the workouts are 20min or less on average.
Person X: Really? How do you get a good workout?
Me: Trust me, I thought the same thing when I started, but it is the HARDEST workout you will ever do!
Person X: Is it a lot of cardio?
Me: Its a complete mix of weights, bodyweight and intense cardio. That what I loved about it in the beginning. I hate doing cardio, you wouldn't catch me ever on an elipical or treadmill at a gym. The cardio is mixed in and you and you actually get a better cardio workout then any B.S. cardio machine.
Person X: That sounds pretty cool.
Me: Come with me tomorrow at 4p and you will 'get it' and see if its for you or not.
Person X: Sure.
Me: BOOM! Reccooooo!!!

Now tell us your story, or you would do a 60 sec commercial to a friend, family member or random person asking you about it.

P.T.S (post that SH*T!)
Courageously Fear your Potential-To win or lose is determined by you...If you really give it
your best- EVERYTHING you have... What else is there? Fear is not your enemy-it is a shadow of the courage it will
take to accompish a challenge.
Fear less - Courage More. You got it.
The courage it will take to accomplish a challenge. Fear Less – Courage More. You got it.
-Thanks MBPhD


  1. What probably annoys me the most about people is when they say "I need to get in better shape to work out at CrossFit."

    And here's my response... "I don't know a single person who started CrossFit who wasn't gassed, and I've seen every sort of person imaginable start there from gym rats to army guys (and girls), stay at home Mom's, to people that need to lose a significant amount of weight. Absolutely every shape and size. It's just a plain fact of life that Globo gyms don't prepare you for the mental and physical push that CrossFit will. Everybody has to start somewhere and NOW is always the best time to start. Just come and try it out."

    That's my promo. :)

  2. When I was questioning the paleo diet, and why dairy was not a part of it.... a wise wise man told me " eat ooey gooey cheese- look like ooey gooey cheese". I had no rebuttal to that statement! So that is now how I promote the paleo diet :)