Monday, January 31, 2011

What if CPMFITness Knock'd Up FitChicLA?

We did it once, why not talk about doing it again...

The last 2 years of box owning CFSF ( was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and the best part about it was I got to experience everything about it with my love and best friend, FitChic.

Now back home in LALA we are talking about doing it all over again, but this time we have lots of success and experience (not to mention waaaay better weather:-) on our side.

We are thinking names. And not just any old biz name, we are thinking of identities, people that are going to light this city on fire, people that are going to transform people from all walks of life, people that are going to lead, change and inspire anyone and everyone they come into contact with.

So we ask you, what kind of names can you think of that would describe that? And why?

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  1. So I read the title and thought that you guys had some news, I thought FitChic is preggers!! Woo-hoo! Then I read on...even more exciting news! So I got to thinking, and then googled, a lot of my inspiring names were already turned into CF names. Of course, how fitting. So I found a few that could bring the "fire". Aflame, Ablaze, just a couple that popped into my head, will keep pondering and bringing the heat.