Friday, January 7, 2011

Practice What YOU Preach

"I DONT do Business with 'FAT' people!"

Now, before you all say, "That is soooo rude!"

Let me define my definition of 'FAT' people.

A 'FAT' person is not by the amount of weight a person weighs nor is it determined by their body fat %, BMI, or any of the typical FITness standards.

A 'FAT' person to me is defined as, a person who is lazy, ignorant, unwilling to make a change for the better, procrastinator, a person that says they will do something and end up NOT doing what they promised, has low or no personal integrity (P.I.), I could go on and on so I think you catch my drift:-)

A couple of examples:

-A overweight Trainer: Now I do mean a personal trainer that is overweight this time. Why in the hell, would someone spend good $$$ per hour with someone that is out of shape and does not do what they actually sell??? I used to know a trainer back in my personal training gig at a globo gym. He was out of shape and overweight. And he was always the top trainer every month in sales. And I couldn't get over it...I was like, how in the hell is that FAT S.O.B. the top in sales every month. His philosophy was talk to them the whole hour and give them a sub-par workout and they will just keep coming back because they were dependent on him. It was pathetic.
-A used car salesman: A salesman that sells you a P.O.S. that drives a Mercedes. Growing up, I would see my parents deal with guys like this and it never ended well.
-A financial planner/accountant: They are supposed to help you earn wealth but they don't have any themselves or even worse they are in HIGH amounts of DEBT! Lets just say my taxes were filed late, not as planned....GRRRRR!

When I am buying anything for myself, one of the 1st things I ask the sales person is, "Do you own it?" or "How do you like yours?"

If they don't own it, I'm out. To me if they don't "Practice what they Preach" something will go wrong in the future so why even bother moving forward.

As far as the health industry, I am even more particular (if that is even possible:-)

A FITness Coach or CF box owner's best marketing scenario is to have a network of Health related PRO's surrounding them and bouncing referrals back and forth until the cows come home.
The difference with running a CF Box is that CF is such a different animal in the FITness industry that you would only want to work with Health Pro's that not only 'get it' but actually 'DO IT'.

A few people that stick out in my mind that embody the "Practice What You Preach" philosophy is:

Doc Rob McCoy: In Feb 09 in the very early beginnings of running CFSF and from the 1st day we met everything just made sense and clicked from the very get-go. He wanted to do CF because he wanted to get back in the kind of shape he was back in high school being a 4 sport athlete. At the time I remember him saying even if he could get half way there he would be more than satisfied...I think the results speak for themselves today! Not only is he a great personal friend, amazing at his Chiropractic profession, but he has helped keep well over 100 CFSF athletes healthly or got them back in the box faster than anyone else could have. He 'Gets It' a lot of other Chiro's don't.

Next, is MB. I met MB back in the summer of 09. She was and would admit that she was an endurance junkie, and training LSD (long slow distance). CF was exciting and scary to her all at the same time. She was definitely skeptical in the beginning but over time she bought into this crazy thing called CrossFit and I couldn't stop her now if I tried. I echo the same sentiments to her as I did Doc Rob. She is a warrior, exceptional at her P.T. gig, an ambitious student of FITness and movement and has helped keep my former coaching staff, wife, and clients healthy to continue to get the results they deserve. She 'Gets It' and a lot of other P.T.'s don't.

Lastly, Doctor Christopher Paa. Doc Paa is a cardiologist and knew exactly what he was getting into when he started CF last year. He is a student of CrossFit and continues to further his knowledge and his results with CF because of it. I always enjoy discussing anything about CF, nutrition, supplements, etc... He 'Gets It' a lot of other Doc's don't.

When you are dealing with YOUR Health you are dealing with YOUR LIFE, expect only the best when you work with someone. The 3 people discussed above are shining examples of Practicing what they Preach. Their profession is Health and they continue to make themselves Healthy.

When you deal with people that "Practice what they Preach" or do what they say, everything WILL go smoothly. When you give in and deal with people that don't because it is more convenient or cheaper, you run the risk of something go wrong and getting screwed some how.

That's what I've got...What do you got? Any funny stories like the one's above?


Growth is not easy. It comes from fully experiencing each situation and mastering it with understanding. Lord, Your presence in my life dispels my fears and guides me through all of life's circumstances.


  1. Having worked in health care for many years (and what will be a lifetime) there is nothing more frustrating than co-workers who cannot pull their own weight because they smoke, have poor nutrition, don't exercise, and/or have an apathetic attitude. Picking up the slack for people who are supposed to "lead by example" (e.g., be healthy, work hard, CARE) is extremely frustrating because it makes for longer days, adversely affects the HC team's unity, and can lead to poor client care. Foremost, smoking should not be allowed at any health care facility. Yes, the job is stressful. But, that's what gyms, public recreation, and leisure are for!

    Great shout out, Chris! Thank you all for “leading by example!”

  2. One of the main reasons I joined crossfit is because I wanted to look like Annie. She definitely practices what she preaches. If a crossfit trainer wasn't in shape it would make me wonder if the method really works.