Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taking 'Who Calls YOU Out?' to a Whole New Level

My best 'Call Out' of 2010 is KS didn't do enough wt in a WOD, she thought it was too easy, so I told her to do it again, in the same class! 
Exercising (CrossFitting) and eating right is not rocket science:-0

You move more and eat cleaner, anyone can lose weight (fat).

I have often said, it is easy to lose weight and get healthier in the beginning (especially in Jan with resolutions flying around everywhere). You are excited and motivated just based off that you will succeed in the first few weeks of your new program.

But what happens when the initial excitement and motivation fades and it gets HARD? (Bc it happens to the best of us)

- you get really SORE for multiple workouts
-the weight comes off easy in the beginning and then it is harder and harder and the weeks go by
-what about when you start to 'feel' burned out mentally or even emotionally

One I my favorite aspects about coaching people (esp CrossFitters) is having the opportunity to 'Call Them Out'! Not let them off the hook! Bring the best out of them! Believe in them until they Believe in themselves! Because YOU WILL WIN when you do the work!

I recently found a great new blog, by Kelly Eller, called, Me vs. MJ. The website is about one man's journey toward playing a game of basketball with Michael Jordan (also my bball idol growing up). Kelly doesn't know Michael Jordan and he doesn't even know anyone who knows Michael Jordan, but he is determined that if he puts his goal out there publicly and commits to it 100%, that he can make it happen.

So what happens when you have a goal, but there is no definitive end, and maybe even you are not sure if and when it is going to happen?

It can be hard to stay focused over the long haul. That is when it is MANADTORY to surround ourselves with people who will support us (i.e. fellow CrossFitters). You know, those people who will call us out when we stray from our commitment and our determination wanes.

Kelly recently wrote a blog entry about just that...

Who do you have in your life that will call you out?
Who of your friends is friend enough to be honest with you?
And if you cannot think of a name, are you really pushing yourself to your full potential?

Think about it. Do you have someone like Kelly's brother in your life?

My brother wasn’t calling me out to make me feel bad or to make me doubt my game.
He was calling me out to make sure I make the most of my abilities each and every time.
He was calling me out so that I never take a day off.
He was calling me out so that I always prepare by giving my all.
He was calling me out because he cares.
Who Calls YOU Out?
Who cares about you so much that they will speak up, even if uncomfortable, to help you maximize your potential?

For the full article -- Who Calls You Out?

My 'Call Out's for Jan 2011:

-To my Wife: I love you, you are a Champion, let your shoulder heel and keep increasing your fish oil and Vita D!
-To Liza: Go with your gut, you are going to do AMAZING!
-To Garrett: Re-vamp your blog and open your DAMN BOX in Fargo
-To KS: Don't even think about it...she knows what I'm talking about, and actually do the opposite and take it up a notch this year!
-Rob S: MOVE TO CALI! One life to live my life to live, so LIVE IT!
-To TK, LD, AMac, Kimmy G, AKoch, Jax, and all the CFSF ladies, bring the HEAT in 2011!!!
-Cody, CMouw, Browny and FTS: Kill em and turn em into SOLDIERS in a loving way!
-And all the CFSF'ers: Push YOURSELF to YOUR BEST! When it gets 'HARD' push HARDER!!! If you are going to puke, then puke and get back after it! All of you have everything set up for YOU to succeed, so freakin SUCCEED!
-To anyone who used to do CF and quit, suck it up and get your *ss back to the BOX!
-To all you slackerz that are a member at CF and don't come at least 3x a week, Prioritize your HEALTH!
-If I missed any of you near and dear to me, don't you worry I will be 'Calling You Out' in future posts.

Lots of Love,


*Feel free to 'Call Me Out' in the comments:-)


  1. lots of love to you and annie :) xoxo J&T
    great blogs and it will be exciting to keep up with you guys even when you're not here physically

  2. Thanks J! Right back at you and Tyler. I can't wait to meet lil' peanut in the near future. You are already an amazing person and pre-momma.

  3. Ohhhh... I'm going to bring the heat so bad that you'll wish it was a SD winter all year (insert finger pointing here)!


  4. Since we are calling people out:
    -Chris: continue to be tenacious, set your goals HIGH and you will reach them, keep the Ed Mylett "eye of the tiger", make it burn even brighter, continue to love the sh*t out of people
    -Rob S: MOVE to LA, so we can go to YOUR TOWN!
    -Tracy: continue to beat the boys in Oly and REPRESENT!
    -LD, Kimmers, AMac, AKoch, and all the other CFSF ladies, continue to represent and not be HOT but be Bad A**es, you inspire and push me to get better...THANK YOU!
    -Liza: you are an amazing mother, wife and friend. know that your loving spirit and caring for others will spread like fire, your drive and love for CFSF will lead to infinite potential, I love you and will miss my workout partner.

  5. I love all the peeps mentioned!!! You guys are the reason I am who I am. Thank you for fostering my success and determination!!!

    PS....ROB if you move I will kill you!!!:) Love you...kiss kiss!!!!

  6. I'm totally ready to represent:) Lots of love to all of you!