Monday, January 10, 2011

Part 1 of 5: How to Inspire Others?

Last Day in Sioux Falls, she has inspired HUNDREDS! And there will be many more she will touch.

Inspiration is a powerful thing.It changes people for the better.
It makes you want to do more.
It makes you want to be better.
It makes you want to reach for your dreams.
There are different ways of inspiration and one of them is from the people we meet or have met. Being a FITness coach/trainer (especially a CrossFit one) having the ability to inspire someone or several people is a gift. A very powerful gift. A very fun gift. A very amazing gift.

I have found 5 ways a person can inspire others. And we are going to make it into a 5 part series.
Today we are going to tackle how to inspire others by your example.

Inspire others by your example. People pay attention to your actions without you even knowing about it. In order to inspire others, you need to be a good role model for them to follow. Inspiration comes when those around you see qualities in you that are worth emulating. People of character and principles inspire others to follow their lead. This world will become a better place if there are more people like yourself who inspires others and brings positive influence to everyone you meet.

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In the world of CrossFit a perfect example of inspiring others by your example is my wife, Annie Mello. She empitomizes what it takes to succeed with the CrossFit program. She is consistent, has zero excuses and works out HARD every single workout no matter what it is. 

In the middle, a firebreather among firebreather's

Consistency is a main ingredient when wanting to succeed in anything in life especially FITness. Working out is a lifestyle. It must be done all the time 5-6 days a week religiously. Anyone can follow a program for 90 days, 6 months or even a year or so. But to actually get to the point of inspiring those around you takes countless hours of commitment, determination, over a long period of time. In the 9 plus years I have known her I honestly can't recall her EVER missing a workout...EVER!  

Zero Excuses: A very simple way to let yourself off the hook is creating those darn 'excuses'. 'I'm too tired', 'I'm SORE', 'I'll start tomorrow'...yadi yada ya. No matter if she is sick, tired, stressed, has a million things to do in a day, no matter the weather, she gets it done...every time!

Working out HARD: Its one thing to be consistent and not let anything get in the way of your goals/plan, its another thing to remain focused and intense every time you exercise. Putting in the effort will allow you to reap the benefits/results. And anyone that knows Annie, the results speak for themselves. 

Inspiring by your example is a sure fire way to to help those around you. But don't expect people to notice right away. Don't expect people to listen to you. Being a role model takes more effort than you think. The people that really notice, you won't maybe ever know that they notice. 

Annie Mello is a Champion in the truest form. She inspires me every day. She inspires me to better, to want to improve myself in every way. She inspires me by her example. She makes me want to inspire others with my example. I am very fortunate to have her in my life as a constant inspiration. 

She inspires me.

Who inspires YOU by their example???


‎"My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life." ~Lee Iacocca~


  1. That is! If it was not for Mr. Mello who knows where I would be today or how big my pants would be. From the beginning you have believed in me and shown me how to have the heart of a champion. Now that you are moving on to new adventures, I need my fellow Crossfit peeps to inspire and push me. Got that....LD, Rob, The Koch's,TK, Amy.....kick me in the butt!
    Thanks for all the will forever be my Nazi Trainer!

  2. Your wife ROCKS!! Annie is a truly an inspiration to everyone. Not only is she one of the most amazingly fit people I've ever seen... but she is also one heck of a human being! She thrives at helping all the people around her be their best selves.

    And Chris... you're not so bad yourself. :)

  3. I would have to agree with Kim & Tracy:)
    Kim, I'm here for you...and I'm sure I will need some inspiration from you too!