Monday, January 17, 2011

YOUR Real Life PR Board

PR's are set in CrossFit Affilates everyday throughout the world. It feels like we are on top of the world at that moment.

Remember when you did your 1st:


It takes time, committment, dedication, heart, blood, sweat, character to push past your goals, set new one's and smash through them!

What about in your life?

What if CrossFit is a spring board to help you with your regular life. The things we accomplish through CF, the physical and mental training we get from CF bleeds into our lives.

Here is a great post about that very idea, thanks to CrossFit Lisbeth:

"Forget snatching and cleaning and the push jerk today. Let's mark off stuff for life. Maybe your entire life should be observable and measurable, even if not repeatable?

Be a good person.

Study. Learn.


Be a good parent..."

Read the Full post HERE

What is on YOUR Real Life PR Board?
What are the things CrossFit helped you with already?
What are the things CrossFit is going to help you accomplish in the near or far future?


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